Environmental Policy

fpr environment 2LEW  is committed to protect the environment for the benefit of society , future generations and for reach of us as an individual, by managing noise, air and solid waste.

Our focus:

→ Increasing green cover
→ Waste management
→ Water conservation
→ No to plastic
→ Creating awareness

Our action plan:

Increasing green cover: Our efforts include ensuring plantation of trees ten times more than its paper consumption, educating people and to extend our green area in and around our presence.

Waste management: We are committed to create a positive environmental footprint by reducing our waste through ecofriendly techniques; reduce, recycle and reuse.

Water conservation: Conserve water by measures including installation of water recycling plants (Effluent & Sewerage treatment) , ensuring of zero water loss in transit and rain water harvesting.
No to plastic: We discourage use of plastic bags and bottles to make the environment eco- friendly. Plastic is one of the major toxic polluters and being a non-bio-degradable substance composed of harmful chemicals it pollutes earth, air and water.
Control over noise, air and solid waste: Regular monitoring of noise and air pollutants at our units is a compulsory exercise at the source of generation.
Creating awareness: Conduct awareness programmes like tree plantation, painting and debate competitions, rallies, awareness talks, exhibitions, etc. on environment topics in Govt. schools, villages and our plant locations.