Quality ControlQuality is not an Act, it is a Habit.

Developed to assure excellence in technology, LEW is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing company and over the last several years have created an excellent report with a diverse clientele which includes our product for automotive applications.

Quality Assurance

Modern quality assurance techniques are systematically applied at Engineering. A continuously updated Quality Manual includes a comprehensive range of effective procedures which ensure consistent quality. Tools are checked periodically for wear and a detailed Calibration Plan in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standards is strictly followed to ensure accuracy of measuring instruments. LEW has embarked on a programme which will statistically monitor the critical characteristics that could effect the final dimensions and properties of all the parts. These figures are later analyzed at various process stages so that necessary preventive actions can be taken before any faults appear.

Quality Control Activities

Inspection of incoming material and vendorized parts.
 In-line inspection of radiator and spring.
 Statistical process control
 Continuous improvement to reduce rework and rejection of both the products.
 Calibration of measuring equipments internally and externally.
 Identify the non-conformities of the quality management system.
 Testing of material e.g. tensile test, microstructure, decarburize depth.

Our plants work under strict Quality Assurance at different stages of Production. We have the skilled work force in our production lines, followed by qualified engineers.