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Export audits by CBI Experts

LEW audited by CBI Experts in order to judge the suitability of the company in terms of production facilities and capacity, product properties, international competitiveness, quality control, organisation of production and export function, management etc. Based on this audit, a plan of action has been developed, that gives a clear idea of the steps to be taken in order to be able to meet the requirements for the EU market, local experts to be involved as training and “parallel” ECP.

Workshop Market research and Market Access Requirements

LEW Participated in 2 day workshop, in which they do their own market research and write their Export Marketing Plan having their knowledge and understanding of the relevant legislative requirements on product quality and the relevant requirements in the field of consumer health and safety, environment and social issues and CSR.

EXPRO Export marketing and management Seminar in the Netherlands

LEW participated in 1 week seminar in the Netherlands from 11th ~16th November, 2013. The objective of the training is to prepare for the market entry phase. LEW familiarised with the EU markets and on export marketing, management and promotion techniques relevant to these markets. Local experts to be invited

Workshop Effective Buyer Mind-set Selling

LEW Participated in 2 days Workshop from 20th ~ 21st March, 2014. This workshop used to familiarised with the necessary knowledge, tools and skills to prepare, execute and give follow-up, to international trade fairs in Europe.

Workshop Costing and pricing

LEW Participated in 2 days workshop from19th ~ 20th May, 2014. This workshop gave the knowledge of how to calculate Costing & Pricing. In this workshop we have learnt  , RFQ process, the Cost Price Calculation methods, Price setting and the Negotiation processes.

Market entry activities

The objectives in this module are to establish contacts with potential business partners in Europe and to gather further information on the European market (market research). This is achieved by collective presentation at international trade fairs in Europe and by promoting individual business links. Turning business contacts, established at a fair or as a result of B2B matchmaking activities, into durable business relations is the main goal. CBI will be instrumental in this process as much as possible, by giving follow-up support and/or further technical assistance
With this objectives, LEW have visited Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany & Midest in Paris, France in 2013. Further, LEW are going to participate in Automechanika Frankfurt, Germany in September 2014,